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Designed by Isabelle Lee and co-designed by Charlotte Morris as part of the Isabelle Collection. Limited to 300 worldwide.

Jolly is part of a Christmas themed collection of standing bears.

Designed with a short, dense, luxurious, mix of alpaca, mohair and wool in colours of ginger and cream. His chest has a longer, shaggy fur pile of white. His muzzle is shaved to accent his amazing features, dark, twinkly eyes and a ginger hand embroidered nose finish his look.

With flat foot pads to help him stand un aided, or he can be positioned sitting down. He's fully jointed and stands at 24cm tall.

His matching scarf and hat keep him warm, with a beautiful heart motif.

To complete the collection are Ding Dong and Jingle Bell.

Each bear comes with an embroidered, cloth bag.

This is a collectors item and is suitable for ages 14+

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