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Carrot Top

Carrot Top

  • Brands Charlie Bears
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The 2020 collection sees a new edition of bunnies by Charlie Bears: A FLUFFLE OF BUNNIES range, consisting of thirteen adorable bunnies: Willa, Hunny Bunny, Wendy, Cabbage Rose, Carrot Top, Gum Drop, Dew Drop, Pear Drop, Moondance, Lettice, Stargazer, Mila and Straggle.

Carrot Top is an adorable bunny with short plush fur of tortilla. His long, droopy ears and deep, sparkling eyes make him a must have!

Do you have space for him to hop into?

Fully jointed with suede like paw-pads and stitched in toes add to the finer details of this bouncy bundle of joy! Accessorised with a brown, organza bow and dangling carrot .

Size: 36cm

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