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The Minimo collection, by Charlie Bears, are a collection of LIMITED EDITION, hand made miniature bears. These bears are a unique collection, made from the finest alpaca, mohair and or wool.  Will you add a petite hug to your collection?

This Minimo series sees a collection of miniature unicorns which are adorable! Made from the finest mohair. Their names are Bijou, Jewel and Little Gem and are all LIMITED to 600 pieces world-wide.

There's no wonder a collection of unicorns is known as a blessing because that is exactly what these magical creatures are! Will you take one home or all of them?

Bijou is an adorable unicorn of baby pink fur and a fluffy tail. She is accessorised with a glittery, pink organza bow and is fully jointed for a more posable look.

Size: 18cm

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