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Busker The Pied Piper

Busker The Pied Piper

  • Brands Charlie Bears
  • Product Code: C.b Busker
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  • £420.00

First in this magical set is the Pied Piper himself... 11.5 inch Busker! He is fully jointed and made from a beautiful brown mohair, Busker wears a stunning piper outfit including leather boots, an amazing cape and feathered hat! Tucked into his tunic is the famous magical flute that makes all the mice follow him out of the city.

Also included is Hum, Mumur and Whistle... three of the most delightful mice you've ever seen! Each is crafted from mohair and is fully jointed for fun posing. They stand 5.5 inches tall with big mice ears, hand-stitched noses and long tails. 


Pied Piper: 29cm

All Rats are 14cm

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