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Grandfather Of The Mountains

Grandfather Of The Mountains

  • Brands Charlie Bears
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Charlie Bears' 2020 collection sees a collection of LIMITED EDITION bears from all over the world. Their names? Father of the Forest, Lord of the Artic and Grandfather of the Mountains, all are a huge 56cm and are all limited to 2000 pieces world-wide.

Do you have space in your collection for one? Or maybe all of them!

Grandfather of the Mountains is a beautifully designed Grizzly Bear made of plush fur of deep brown and lighter browns. His muzzle is shaved, highlighting his beautiful brown eyes and hand-stitched nose.

He is fully jointed for a more posable look and is accessorised with a grey and cream tasseled scarf.

Suede like paw-pads, with stitched toes, add to the finishing touches of this paw-some bear!

He would be an amazing addition to any collection!

Size: 55cm

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