Care Cub

If you follow us on social media you will of seen our Care Cubs! If you haven't then let us explain what they are . . . 
Care Cubs were thought of during lockdown 2.0 - We'd been feeling a little glum and a tad hopeless and really wanted a way to help others that will be feeling the same way; so Care Cubs were born. 
Basically, this is a little gift from us to somebody you feel would benefit from a little pick me up. It can be for ANY reason. Life hits hard sometimes and it doesn't always have to be something major that starts the mental decline, so, we get it! 
These little bears are sent completely FREE OF CHARGE. You can nominate anybody in any country all over the world! 
If you've got the perfect person in mind who you'd like to nominate please drop us an email on our dedicated email address
*A nomination does not guarantee a cub, as you can imagine we get lots of requests but we do our very best to keep up with demand.